WCPSS Electronic Pay Stub - Frequently Asked Questions
The Electronic Pay Stub can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection.

Don't know your employee number?
Contact the Help Desk at 664-5700 or helpdesk@wcpss.net

WCPSS cannot provide support for home computers or problems associated with accessing the Electronic Pay Stub from non-WCPSS computers.

WCPSS Board of Education Requires Direct Deposit for All Employees with Electronic Delivery of Pay Stubs

The Wake County Board of Education voted to require direct deposit for all employees. Electronic pay stubs will be delivered through a secure accessible web site on August 31, 2005.

Can my employer require me to use Direct Deposit?

Yes. NC G.S. 95-25.6 and 95-25.7 do not require a specific form of payment. Therefore, the employer may select any legal form of payment. It is entirely up to the employer to pay or not to pay its employees by direct deposit.

What is Direct Deposit and how does it work?

Direct Deposit is a safe, proven confidential method of receiving pay. Money is electronically transferred from WCPSS into your checking or savings account.

How will I know when my payment has been deposited or the amounts that were withheld from my paycheck if I use Direct Deposit?

A. WCPSS will issue each employee an electronic pay stub on the last working day of each month. It will show how much was deposited to your account. It will also show your gross pay and all deductions taken. You will also see your leave balances on this new electronic form.

Will WCPSS have access to my account?

Direct Deposit is a very confidential way to receive wage payments. Although WCPSS does have a limited ability to reverse your Direct Deposit payment, it cannot access any other funds in your account. On average, fewer people see your account information with Direct Deposit than with checks.

If I have a problem with Direct Deposit, is it going to be more difficult to rectify than with traditional paychecks?

First of all problems with Direct Deposit are rare. In fact you are much more likely to have a problem with a check. But if any matter should arise, all you need to do is follow the same procedures as if it were a paycheck.

Why does WCPSS ask for a voided check?

WCPSS uses the financial institutional identification number and account number that appear on the bottom of your check to set-up the Direct Deposit properly.

What should I do if I change financial institutions?

You will need to contact Compensation Services at payroll@wcpss.net and provide your new account information. We will require a newly completed authorization form. Also, be sure to leave the old account open until the first Direct Deposit transaction appears in your new account.

Can I divide my pay among different accounts if I use Direct Deposit?

No. WCPSS only allows a choice between 100% net into a checking or savings account.

Once your direct deposit has been made, you can direct your bank to transfer any amount of funds to another account or financial institution.

How do I sign up for Direct Deposit?

A fill-in form is available to you on Compensation Services web site at: http://www2.wcpss.net/forms/compsvcs/index.htm. You can also request a form by email at: payroll@wcpss.net. Easy instructions are located on the forms. Forward the completed form to: Compensation Services, 5625 Dillard Drive, Cary, NC 27518.

How secure is the electronic pay stub?

The electronic pay stub is more secure than the paper stub that can get lost in the mail or be stolen. Only you know your password. The password is encrypted as you type it and cannot be viewed by anyone standing near you as you sign in. Payroll and HR staff cannot view your employee number.

Although we cannot guarantee absolute confidentiality of data transmitted over the public Internet, we encrypt all data transmissions between your computer and our secure server

Is my SSN displayed on the electronic pay stub?

No. Your SSN will not be displayed.

Last Updated: August 5, 2005