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The Electronic Pay Stub can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection.

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WCPSS cannot provide support for home computers or problems associated with accessing the Electronic Pay Stub from non-WCPSS computers.

Paystub.wcpss.net is an electronically distributed employee pay statement that replaces both the paper statements and the yearly benefit statement. In addition to providing current pay period information, paystub.wcpss.net also archives a 90-day history of employees' prior pay statements for easy access and retrieval. You may view your current pay stub on your scheduled pay date and direct deposit delivery to the bank. Always remember to verify your deposit information with your bank. Benefit statements are published at the beginning of the calendar year and are available for 90 days.

Historical data is available for 90 days after the transaction date.

How to Access My Pay Data

The electronic paystub is available from 6AM-10PM daily.

Click the login button below and sign on using your employee number.

If you do not know your employee number, you can call the Help Desk between the hours of 7am and 5pm, Monday through Friday for assistance. There are no after hours or weekend Help Desk staff available for questions.

Last Updated: December 14 , 2005